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Easily and quickly map the CO2-footprint of your company

You cannot avoid it anymore: climate change has the attention. Governments, business partners and consumers want to know more about the environmental impact of production. Everyone is expected to contribute to a climate-neutral, circular economy.

How do I handle that? Which investments are needed to meet the wishes and requirements? Do you need expensive consultants for this? No! 

With Footprint4All you get the insight you need, quickly and easily.

Footprint calculation

Emissions reduction

Emissions offsetting

Enter your data per section

First you collect the necessary data. For example the annual bill from your energy company or information about your business vehicles. This makes calculating your CO2 footprint a piece of cake. You then enter your details in the CO2 calculator.

The footprint of your company is determined by:

View your results per category on your dashboard

After entering your data, you will immediately gain insight into the structure of your footprint based on the important factors.

After performing the calculation, you can immediately see where the hot spots are in terms of carbon emissions, so that you can take immediate action. Repeat the calculation annually or even monthly and you will immediately see the result of the savings measures taken.

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