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Discover the hidden impact of your restaurant with Footprint4All

As an owner or manager of a restaurant, you may understand that every decision counts, not only for your business but also for the planet. Therefore, it's essential to know and understand the CO2 footprint of your restaurant.

Why is this important? Because your restaurant has a significant impact on the environment, even more than you might think. From the waste generated by leftover food or packaging, the amount of water you use, to the energy used to keep your restaurant running. Every aspect affects the ecological impact of your restaurant. With Footprint4All, you can easily and quickly map out the footprint of your business.

With Footprint4All, you'll discover where your CO2 emissions come from and determine which sustainable investments you can make

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious

Measuring your CO2 emissions is not only a responsible step for the environment, but it can also be beneficial for your business. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are increasingly preferring restaurants that are committed to sustainability. And that goes beyond, for example, a local assortment or a vegan offering. 

By being transparent about your CO2 emissions and actively working to reduce them, you can not only reduce your ecological impact but also improve your image and attract new restaurant visitors.

Easy and accurate with Footprint4All

At Footprint4All, we understand that performing a carbon footprint calculation can seem intimidating, but we make it simple. With our user-friendly business CO2-calculator, you quickly and accurately gain insight into the CO2 emissions of your restaurant. Additionally, we offer the option to offset your emissions through Bamboo Village, for a climate-neutral business.

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